Carpet and Upholstery

Clean and Fresh

Your home is important to you. You want to make sure it stays looking its best. So do we!

Let us clean and sanitize your carpets

You can vacuum constantly, but that may not always be enough to protect your carpet from stains and the long-term build up of soil.  The deep-cleaning methods we use can address these issues. We have some of the most educated and well-trained technicians in Southern California. From knowledge of chemicals to state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, we’re trained and certified to go above and beyond each job. And if you think you’re picky, wait until you meet any of us!

Carpet Cleaning

At MasterCare Protection and Cleaning we are driven to providing the very best carpet cleaning services available. We also make it a point to educate our customers and to be very transparent with regard to our systems and techniques....
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Upholstery Cleaning

Like all textiles, your upholstered furniture requires occasional professional cleaning and maintenance care. Even with the most fastidious cleaning, dust and body oils from daily use accumulate over time. Proper periodic cleaning restores the like-new feel, smell, and vibrant colors to the fabric....
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