Carpet Cleaning Instead of Replacement

After 15 years, a homeowner in Mission Viejo named Bob decided it was time for either new carpet, or to get them cleaned. With Thanksgiving coming up, he wanted to host in a clean house. After looking at the high cost of new carpet for the living room, stairs and all 4 bedrooms, he decided to call us. In just over an hour, we had spot cleaned and hot water extracted the whole upstairs, stairs and downstairs.

See the results in on the left side of the image. Bob was ecstatic. He felt like he had received new carpet, but without paying the price! The right side of the image is showing the way the whole carpet looked before, with 15 years of dust, dirt and other outside elements people and pets had carried in.

Although vacuuming does help clean some of the loose dirt away, there is always some left over, which builds up over time. By using our truck-mounted hot water extraction method, we were able to get down to the dirt that was embedded deep in the fibers of the carpet and wash them out.

We also used some different chemical sprays, all eco-friendly, to remove some of the stains.