Emergency Restoration – Commercial

Orange County Emergency Restoration Services

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When you least expect it, stuff happens. Pipes burst, restrooms overflow, roofs leak, wires short, Nature decides to get a little cranky. No matter how conscientious and careful we are, sometimes Life just hands us unpleasant surprises!

At MasterCare Protection and Cleaning we know, not only how important it is to address these unexpected emergencies as quickly as possible, but also how important it is to minimize the interruption to your regular business operations. Flood, fire or mold, we offer these 24/7 emergency restoration services:

Fire and Smoke Restoration

The unique behavior of smoke leads to hidden damage and can cause a lasting odor that is difficult to remove. It is important that trained smoke and fire damage professionals begin the clean-up immediately to ensure that valuable items are saved and all odors are properly eliminated....
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Water Damage Restoration

When you least expect it, stuff happens. Pipes burst, restrooms overflow, and roofs leak causing water and mold damage. At MasterCare Protection and Cleaning we know how important it is to keep your business up and running. When stuff happens, we can get you back to normal quickly, 24 hours...
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Mold Remediation

Certain types of mold can cause severe health issues and damage to furnishings, destroy wood and compromise the integrity of a structure. Responding quickly to suspected mold infestation will reduce structural damage and prevent chronic health problems. Most insurance policies, unfortunately, no longer cover mold removal. Those that do cover...
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Interior Restoration Services

After the flood waters have receded, or the fire is out and the ash is cleared away, there remains much to do to return your business to its pre-disaster state. MasterCare’s Interior Restoration offers you an array of customized services to help you tackle the daunting clean-up task....
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