Q?Is it alright if I use Carpet Mask during construction?

If you are thinking of using a carpet mask, we recommend using a high quality carpet mask and do not leave it on for more than 48 hours. After 48 hours the carpet mask will leave a sticky residue on the carpet which is difficult to remove.

Q?What other services do you provide besides Carpet, Stone and Tile Care?

We also specialize in Emergency Services including:
- Flood Restoration
- Fire and Smoke Damage
- Mold Remediation
- Drywall Repair and Re-installation
- Cabinet Replacement and Installation
- Painting
- Squeaky Floors
- Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Q?What is the best way to keep my carpets clean between services?

We recommend using a vacuum that is equipped with a brush, rather than a hand-held or backpack generated vacuum. The bristles from the brush bring more soil to the surface, which will leave your carpets cleaner and in better condition.

Q?Do you offer care information for natural stone?

Yes! In fact we make it a point to educate every customer on proper stone care. So many of the restoration jobs we do are because improper stone care was used. Wrong cleaning products can actually damage some natural stone. Be sure to visit our Caring For It – Stone and Tile page to download our free Stone and Tile Care guide.

Q?What type of carpet cleaning system do you use?

We use two types of cleaning systems. The most effective method is the Truck Mounted, Hot Water Extraction method which is the highest quality cleaning procedure in the industry. After pre-spraying the carpet, we agitate the carpet then hot water extract. In the water is a detergent that cleans up the carpet. This a bubble bath for your carpet!

The second type is a low-moisture clean. This is typically used for commercial properties as a bi-monthly clean in between Hot Water Extractions. This uses the same pre-spray, but with more agitation. Then we use low moisture vacuums any dirt and chemicals in the carpet.